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Snovonne Interview

Your latest album "The Nightmare Bride" has 17 solid tracks which is huge by todays standards of 8 to 10 songs for a full length album. How many songs did you originally write for the album and how did you choose which ones made the cut?
The Nightmare Bride was originally a concept for theatre, wanted to do kind of a rock ballet show. However due to circumstances, mainly financial, I decided to release the record first. A lot of the songs I've had in a 'nearly ready'state for years, since I've been writing and recording my music since I was a kid and have my shelves stuffed with material. For example 'Christine'is a nightmare I've had a couple of times when I was around 16. Other songs are new, written recently. The tracklist I put together in line with the concept. I've always had nightmares and a lot of the songs are actually real nightmares I've had, just put into music and words. So every song on the album represents a nightmare or a state of mind that is necessary for me to deal with. I face my 'other me'in the song 'Ill Will', we have a love-hate fight and then I end up marrying Mr. Sid Drake (The Clown), who represents the nightmare world, in other words I marry my nightmares, meaning I am fully aware of them and have either dealt with them or am ready to live with them. There's notes to every song in the booklet, to tell people a bit more about that particular thought process.

You did a cover of the song "Evil Schemer" by the band Sick of It All for the new album. How did you come to do that song and why that one?
I'm a big SOIA fan. A year and something ago, while in Germany, I've been going trough a pretty rough time and their music was basically the only thing helping me at that point. I've always loved 'Evil Schemer', I could relate to it in a completely different way. I just knew I had to do a cover and couldn't wait. I met the guys after a show in Germany and asked for permission. They were very cool about it. So I did the cover and sent it to them for approval. I was really happy when Armand got back to me with such a positive reply. That song obviously isn't a nightmare, that's why I've put it on the album last, but I wanted it on there for reasons mentioned above. And as I stated in the booklet on the 'Evil Schemer' page - appreciate good and honest music. 

The song "Ill Will" is a duet of the sorts with Bjorn Strid of the band Soilwork. How did that collaboration come to be and what was the experience like?
I was looking for a male guest for the song, to sing the role of my 'other me' as I like to call it. As I mentioned before, the song is basically where the concept of The Nightmare Bride  culminates, it's me confronting my 'other me'. That's why I was after a vocal  that would be both agressive and gentle. I wanted a male so it would  kind of tease  the concept.  Bjorn was one of the first that came to mind. Eric Koondel, who co-produced the record with me showed Bjorn my work, he liked it and agreed to do 'Ill Will' with me. I'm very happy about that because I honestly think he fits the song perfectly.

I love the video for the song "The Difference" in my opinion one of the most diverse songs off the new album.. How do you choose which songs will become singles and What was the concept behind that video?
Honestly, one of the advantages of being independent, I choose and that's it, hahaha. I'm kidding... I always try to pick songs that will represent and do the album and its concept justice. There's more tastes on the album and I would like people to recognize that. If I had the time I would do a video for every single song off the album, because they're graphic and strong enough. 'The Difference' was the first song done for the album. And the latest one written. It means a lot to me because it's basically the result of the ugly time a year and something back, that I mentioned above. I wrote the song, recorded it and immidiately sent it off to Eric for mix and master. While he was mixing I wrote the script for the video, shot and edited the video and then - done, we sent 'The Difference' right out.  The concept of the video is basically the whole Nighmare Bride concept in a nutshell. I wanted to introduce people to Mr. Sid, etc...

After watching the 'Making of' videos on your website I realize the passion and emotion that you put into every detail of the album. What influences you to make music at the level that you do? 
It's just something I've been doing since I was a kid, it's always been my way of dealing with things, my way of spending time. I've always been around music and art and always needed to be creative. I feel empty when I don't create things, it's passion and need. I do all the requisits for the video, design the scenes, then cut and edit, etc. Because I love doing it, makes me feel complete. Somewhere along the way people started liking what I do more and more - and now I'm here, talking about it:) I guess I've just been lucky to know what I love to do in an early age and so had the time and the drive to go after it.

You recently wrapped up "The Wedding Tour", how did that go and what were some of the highlights of that tour?
Well, I would say we only wrapped up the first part of the Wedding Tour, we're surely planning to do more touring with this album. It went great, we had a lot of fun. There's nothing better than waking up in another city and doing your thing again in the evening. A lot of it is captured in the latest video "The Zombie Zone", that's all made of tour footage only.

Do you have any plans of possibily touring here in the states?
Yes definitely. We're workin on getting shows in the states, it does require quite a bit of work and planning.

What's next for Snovonne?
Well, I am currently in Florida finishing off the new video for 'Toys' which is scheduled for the end of summer. Then I'll start working on new material, which I can't wait to get my hands on! In the meantime, Pete, Tuky and Sam are working on things in Europe. We're already planning tours for next year.

Anything else you'd like to add please feel free to do so!
Just a big hello to everyone and thank you for the support!

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